What are the advantages of using a billing service? Can you really save me money?

Using a billing service can save on your billing related expenses (employees, forms, supplies, postage, etc.) and the office space dedicated to in-house billing. The most compelling outcome is increased revenue. Our entire focus is on billing and collections. We can dedicate 100% of our time and energy to collecting from insurance and patients. Utilizing MedCore’s services allows you and your staff time to concentrate on patient care.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Yes, we comply with all HIPAA requirements and standards.

What are your fees for medical billing services?

Our fee is all inclusive. Our service fee for billing generally will be based on percentage of net collections but your circumstances may differ from the rest. We have options available to meet your needs.

How do I submit the information to you for billing and how often?

We would like to receive information from you daily or at least once a week. We can obtain information from you electronically, via US Mail, commercial delivery or, as many of our clients choose, you may bring it personally to our office.

How are claims submitted?

We submit claims electronically and by mail daily.

Where are payments and explanation of benefits sent?

This is entirely for you to decide. You may choose to use a lock-box setting, continue using your own address for payment or use a P O Box at our local post office where we pick up daily.

How do you ensure managed care plans pay according to the contract rates?

We will request copies of your practice’s contracts and related fee schedules when we’re setting up your account. We monitor expected reimbursement and appeal any underpayments and/or denials.

What is your follow-up process for unpaid claims?

Our specialized staff will call responsible insurance companies for claims pending over 30 days and continue to work on them until payment is received. Patient balance accounts minimally receive three statements followed by a friendly phone call reminder prior to review for outside collection agency intervention.

Are you a Collection Agency?

No, we are not licensed as a collection agency.

What kind of reports will I receive?

MedCore can provide a variety of reports to meet your needs including monthly revenue and activity information, payor type activity, aged reporting, top CPT utilized and any number of custom reports you may require.

 How quickly can your service begin my billing?

Once we have all your practice and /or individual provider information, we can start when you are ready to proceed. Some governmental agencies take a longer period of time to process enrollment and update applications so we want to get these out immediately.

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